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Tahitian Blend Iced Tea (4oz. Loose Tea)

I drink a lot of tea. Itís kind of a passion of mine. I love iced tea. But Iím a bit of a purist. It needs to be unsweetened so I can taste the tea. And it needs to be tea, Camellia sinensis, at its core. I donít mind it mixed with other things but the flavor and character of the tea is what I crave in my glass.
That being said, to say that Barnes & Watson Tahitian Blend Ice Tea is great would be a vast understatement. It goes above and beyond any other iced tea that Iíve found. The tea is delicate with hints of flowers and fruit. The flavor blossoms from the first initial splash into a solid back of the mouth flavor. Itís amazingly satisfying and distinctive, and contains the perfect blend of everything I could possibly hope for in an iced tea. I cannot recommend the Tahitian blend enough. Itís perfect; not bitter, refreshing, and great. I first had this at the four star hotel I worked at about 7 years back and it was the most amazing find, and one of the best things about working there. I have not found a better blend for iced tea since. It is my absolute favorite iced tea.
Date Added: 06/09/2011 by Michael Brillig
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